Ronit Furst

Each one of Ronit Furst's frames is hand painted, allowing for almost every pattern and color combination imaginable. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. After the painting is done each frame undergoes a special coating procedure, which will give it it's finished look – crystal shiny or sandy matt – and which also protects the painting from dirt and other unwanted effects.

The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky ,individual styles that capture the wearer's personality and, with so many palettes and shapes available, the hardest part for many customers is limiting themselves to just one pair of Ronit Furst eyeglasses.

There are many styles and colours available. Here are just a few examples...