Sports Glasses and Sports Goggles

Unlike baseball with 3 strikes and you’re out, it may only take a single strike to permanently damage your eyes and vision. That’s why we carry an excellent selection of prescription and non-prescription sports glasses and sports goggles. Almost all sports involve fast moving people and objects, either of which can damage your vision in a blink of an eye. Sports glasses with their strong frames and impact resistant lenses will help protect your eyes from getting scratched, bruised or pierced. Prescription and non-prescription sports goggles with their comfortable wrap around straps will ensure your eyes remain protected and your vision clear during the roughest plays.

it may only take a single strike to permanently damage your eyes and vision

Unlike traditional glasses which can break, move around or even fly off during quick movements or physical contact, sports glasses and sports goggles stay securely in place and intact. This not only protects your eyes, but helps ensure you can see clearly when it’s time to take the game winning shot. Also, sports goggles for children are an excellent way to keep your kids safe as well as reduce the risk of broken glasses and the expense of replacing them.

We want everyone in London, kids and adults, to enjoy playing sports for many years to come. Play safe. Protect your eyes with sports glasses and goggles from Monkey See Family Optical.

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