When it comes to your eyes, it’s often what you can’t see that may be most dangerous. That’s why at Monkey See, we provide one of London’s widest offerings of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.

Protecting your eyes(and don’t forget your children’s eyes) from invisible yet harmful UV(ultraviolet) rays from the Sun is paramount to the health of your eyes. Without protection, extended exposure to UV rays may cause eye damage including macular degeneration, cataracts, pingueculae and pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss.

We provide one of London’s widest offerings of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses

With our great selection of quality sunglasses, we not only help ensure you a lifetime of healthy vision, but we’ll also have you seeing… and looking… sharper each and every day. We carry the most popular brand name sunglasses such as Oakley, Coach, Ray-Ban, Burberry, Adidas and many more. Most available with or without prescription. With modern wrap-around styles to classic aviator, wayfarer, retro and more, we’re sure to have the perfect style for you. As if that weren’t enough selection, many of our eyeglass frames can also be fit with sunglass lenses.

Benefits of wearing sunglasses from Monkey See:

Quality Lenses mean Quality Vision
Don’t be fooled by cheap “gas station sunglasses”. They may look like a clear deal but their poor quality lenses with untrustworthy UV coatings will provide vision that is anything but clear. At Monkey See, we carry sunglasses with high quality prescription-grade optical lenses that will provide the clearest vision possible.
Reduce Glare, Increase Details
Most of our sunglasses are available with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses block glare/reflections from flat surfaces like those on roads, your car’s hood and dash, the surface of water and more. By greatly reducing the sometimes blinding glare from these surfaces, you can see more detail in your surroundings and have clearer, safer vision that’s easier on your eyes.
Tough Frames for an Active Life
We offer many sunglasses that are built for demanding active lifestyles… or even just for accidentally being sat on. Tough frames made with spring hinges and flexible materials can help your sunglasses survive whatever you throw at them.
Protect Your Eyes
As mentioned above, it’s critical to protect your eyes from UV rays. At Monkey See, we can help you do just that, and have you looking great while doing so.
When looking for prescription or non-prescription sunglasses in London, make Monkey See Family Optical your first and last stop. We’ll have you looking cool in the summer, hot in the winter and seeing more clearly all year long.

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