Your new glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses from Monkey See Family Optical are all high quality, precision engineered products. Make the most of your eyewear purchase by using these accessories and maintenance solutions to protect and prolong your eyewear investment.

Eyeglass Neck Straps, Ropes and Chains

If you’re one of the many people who only wear glasses at certain times during the day, such as when reading, then you’ve almost certainly experienced a case of vanishing glasses. Once you put your glasses down, they seem to stand up and walk away when you’re not looking. Well, with our selection of beautiful neck straps, ropes and chains for eyeglasses or sunglasses, you’ll never have to hunt for them again. Made of quality materials like genuine leather, colourful beads or shimmering metals, we have a style to suit every man or woman and every outfit.

Monkey See Eyeglass Cleaner for eyeglasses and sunglasses

Our lens cleaning spray is specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove grease and grime from the lenses of your glasses or sunglasses while protecting the lenses’ delicate coatings. Other types of glass cleaner can actually strip away the coatings leaving behind damaged and unusable lenses. For best performance and maximum lens protection, combine Monkey See Eyeglass Cleaner with our soft lens cleaning cloths.

Lens Cleaning Cloths for eyeglasses and sunglasses

Our lens cleaning cloths are the same as those used to clean expensive lenses on high-end camera equipment. These soft lint-free cloths are made of a fabric that not only helps remove dirt and grease, but unlike most other fabrics will not scratch your valuable lenses. We strongly recommend only using these cleaning cloths when cleaning your lenses. Almost all other fabrics can cause scratches. Tissues, paper towels, even your t-shirt… these can all damage your lenses. For best performance and maximum lens protection, combine Lens Cleaning Cloths with Monkey See Eyeglass Cleaner.

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