Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles

We at Monkey See Family Optical want to see all of London's hard workers return home as healthy as when they left for work. That's why we carry an extensive line of prescription and non-prescription safety glasses to protect your eyes. Designed with extra durable frames and impact resistant lenses, safety glasses help prevent objects and debris from bruising, scratching or piercing your eyes. With prescription safety glasses, you'll be seeing clearly and safely on the job.

Of course, your day job isn't the only time your eyes are at risk. Whether you're doing home repairs, renovations, tree trimming or simply mowing the lawn, sharp objects and projectiles are ever-present risks.

At home or work, you don't need to sacrifice safety for style. Modern safety glasses with clear or tinted lenses are sleek, stylish and often resemble wrap-around sunglasses. Although they may resemble sunglasses, it's important to note that normal sunglasses and eyeglasses are NOT a substitute for safety glasses.

Work safe. Protect your eyes today with prescription or non-prescription safety glasses from Monkey See.