Are These The Right Frames For You?

We see them every day; we pick them up and put them on our faces and go out into the world. Wearing glasses transcends beyond our visual needs and become an extension of ourselves. From subtle, to bold, colourful and flamboyant, to muted and understated. Glasses come in all shapes, styles, and materials but are they equal?

This is a question often forgotten by the consumer. What makes a quality pair of glasses? For us, it’s a combination of things. Obviously, we want the frames we carry to sell, but we also believe in providing quality products we can honestly stand behind. When we pick frames for the store, we’re looking for more than shape and style. We’re asking important questions about materials, the manufacturing process, and for the story behind the design. While considering collections for the store, we pick up and feel the materials, try them on, and access the quality of the fit and finish before making our decision. Glasses have a tactile aspect, a factor which is often over looked. When you hold a quality frame you should be able to feel the difference in the materials, the weight and the finish. Small details and imperfections come to light that can make a difference in the fit of the frame for you, our patient.

You can translate this into your search for the perfect pair by doing the same. A quality frame should feel substantial in your hands. This doesn’t mean they should feel heavy, but they should feel fairly rigid, with a small amount of flexibility. Consider the finish of the frames as you feel them in your hands. They should feel soft and smooth in places where they make contact with your face. Outer surfaces that have texture should be consistent, without chips or imperfections. Open and close the temples, the hinges should glide smoothly and comfortably. Consider the materials the frame uses, and ask questions. Are they a ‘plastic’ like Acetate, Silflex, TR90? Or are they a metal such as Stainless steel, Titanium or Monel? Different materials have distinct advantages and disadvantages for each individual. Lastly, and most importantly, try them on! Consider how they feel on your face. Are they heavy? Do you feel pressure on your nose, or ears? The less adjustment we need to make for you, the better your frames will feel down the road.

Ultimately, when picking your next pair of glasses we ask that you consider these questions. Really toss yourself into the intricacies of the frames you’ve chosen. The fit, the feel and the details matter. Ask questions and remember we’re here to help.

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