Preventing Eye Injury in Sports

You know the drill. It’s Saturday morning; it’s time to wake up your kids, make them a quick breakfast, and pile into the car as you head out to the arena with bags of sports equipment in tow. In all the commotion it can be easy to forget things. Does Johnny have his mouth guard? Did Suzi remember her cleats? What about eye protection, is it something that you’ve though about?

According to the CNIB, a recent study showed that 35 percent of eye injuries happened in children 17 or younger. Sports like Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball are consistently noted to be at the top of the list for risk of eye injury in adolescents. In Basketball, close quarter person-to-person injuries such as broken noses, fractured orbitals and other serious injuries are most common. In Baseball, person-to-person contact is less likely, but a ball travelling over 120km/h can easily cause serious harm if it impacts the eye, cutting short a weekend of fun. Many Ophthalmologists believe that the majority of these injuries are preventable, especially with the use of proper sports rated eyewear.

You may mention that Johnny already has glasses, so why does he need a second pair? The answer to that comes in the design of the frames. Casual, or dress frames are simply not designed to sustain an impact, often, they will break allowing the object to pass by virtually unimpeded. For a dress frame their primary function is to statically mount corrective lenses in front of your eyes to correct vision. A sports frame however, is designed specifically to absorb an impact and prevent severe injury from occurring. Companies such as Hilco/Leader, 3M and Liberty Sports all focus on the manufacture of eyewear specifically designed to reduce these risks.

With more and more children joining recreational sports, you need only ask yourself “Is it worth the risk?” when considering putting off the purchase of Sports Eyewear. The options for frames are expansive with assorted colour, sizes and shapes. You can even customize frames to match team colours. We welcome you to stop by and see the options today. After all, the best defence, is a good offence.

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