What Do Your Lenses and Your Shoes Have In Common?

The answer? A lot more than you’d think. Purchasing prescription lenses is a very personal experience. There are many factors and variables that we must take into consideration to find you the right ‘fit’. A mistake anywhere in the process can cause issues down the road. Just as you’re unlikely to purchase a pair of shoes that don’t fit. Your eyeglass lenses are very much the same. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different options available for you to choose from. From Transitions to progressives, to task specific or office specific, the options can become overwhelming.

So, how do you, the consumer, pick? Your first step is in visiting your local Optician. We’ve spent years studying and familiarizing ourselves with the different options the market has for our patients. A patient who uses a computer may need a blue blocking anti-reflective coating. A person in their late 30’s to early 40’s may need an anti-fatigue lens to help with the eyestrain they experience while reading. Another patient like a jeweller or carpenter may need a specialized lens for the focal length they must work with. Just like an associate at a shoe store can help guide you to the perfect pair of shoes we can guide you towards the lenses that suit your needs.

What about coatings? You’ll hear terms like ‘anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic, hard coat or scratch resistant, transitions and tints’ any of these properties and more could exist in your lenses. The most important question you can ask is what quality of coating are you getting? Are you getting an inexpensive entry level anti-reflective coating, or a high-quality coating designed specifically for the material of the lenses? Do you need tinted sunglasses, or would a polarized lens suit your needs better? Depending on your use, these treatments and coatings can hinder or, ideally, increase your satisfaction with your new glasses.

The bottom line here is your lenses need to be as unique as you are. With so many different options on the market It is our goal to ensure you receive the best possible lenses and coatings for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask important questions especially about the quality of lenses and coatings you are receiving. The most expensive lens isn’t always the best lens for you, nor the cheapest the worst options. Just like your shoes, fit matters.

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